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New Vessel Guiding Star H360

New Fishing Vessel Guiding Star H360 delivered for P&J Johnstone Peterhead with complete Woodsons wheelhouse package.
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Marport Trawl Explorer

Provides an overall picture of the trawl: water depth from the surface to the sounder, distance from headrope to seabed, footrope and fish echoes passing beneath headrope.

Large mark of Hake passing below headrope

Marport Trawlexplorer display showing a large mark of Saithe passing under the headrope

The trawlexplorer should be attached with the "forward" Uplink Transducer pointing in the direction of trawl towards the vessel so that the aft looking Altimeter Transducer is pointing aft towards the cod-end and the EchoSounder transducer looking down providing an echogram of fish passing beneath the headrope. The Trawlexplorer should be attached to the top of the trawl behind the headrope.

Trawl Explorer NB Sensor

Trawl Explorer sensor mounted on headrope


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QuoteThe e-SEA™ system from Woodsons is great. We've got a wireless connection through out the vessel and I have my Blackberry tuned into the network, so I have instant access to all my emails all the time. I also use Skype on our PC to keep in contact with my family at home and it makes going away much easier when you can have a video call to home at any time. If I had to choose between the broadband and the TV for onboard, I'd choose the broadband… magic Quote

James West
Skipper of the Golden Sceptre (Fishing Vessel)

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