Kaijo Sonars

KCH5180 HF Sonar

KCH-5180 is suitable for all types of fishing, but is specifically recognised by our customers as 'The Mackerel Sonar'
164khz - 180deg beam
Target tracking

KCS5885 MF Omni Sonar

Medium freq. Omni sonar
94khz - 960 element transducer, full TX and RX stabilisation
Target tracking
Recording and playback of sonar images.

KCS5221 LF Omni Sonar

Low frequency Omni Sonar
21khz Long range detection
RDT Transmit control
narrow beam 7deg
Fast TX & RX stabilization
10 custom user setiings
Robust hoist for long life

 KCS60 MF Sonar

Worlds first compact fully stabilized omni sonar
Fits into 8" sonar chest
512 element transducer
62khz Idea for all fisheries
Same quality of larger Kaijo sonars