Scanmar 'Your eyes below'

SS4 Catch Sensor

SuperCatch, filling indicator, up/down, temperature and rip functions
5 year warranty
Up to 1500 hours of use from one charge

SS4 Depth Sensor

 The DepthSensor is an invaluable tool in trawling and Purse Seine fisheries, providing accurate information of the sinking speed and depth, which enables the skipper to decide when to start trawling/pursing
 Negligible operation cost and long lifetime
Up to 700 hours of operating time

SS4 Door Sensor

· ​Functions in the new SS4 DS

DISTANCE: Door distance, bottom & pelagic trawl
DEPTH: Door depth
TEMPERATURE: Sea water temperature
TENSION: Tension in trawl wires or sweeps
ANGLE: Door angle (roll & pitch)
STABILITY: Door stability (ScanFactor)

Clump Sensor

Provides accurate distance between clump(s) and both doors on twin and triple trawls
Multifunctional: Distance, Angle, Depth, Temperature, Tension and Bottom contact
Robust construction and plastic protects against damage and wear
Up to 700 hours operation time on clump Quick charging

Scanmar 'Your eyes below'

Trawl Eye 

Detects fish and shrimp not visible on the vessel’s echo sounder
Measures the height of the trawl opening, the height from the headline to bottom, and bottom contact or clearance
Enables skippers to optimize the trawl geometry
Configurable with diff. ranges on down- and/or upward
Includes two batteries

Trawl Sounder

Advanced echo sounder showing fish influx and volume
Measures the height of the trawl opening, whether the trawl is on the bottom and the distance between the trawl and the bottom
Used in pelagic, bottom trawling as well as Danish/Scottish Seine
Ideal to pair with DoorSensors for showing a simplified trawl geometry

Flow Sensor

Two functions: TrawlSpeed and Symmetry
The TrawlSpeed function measures the speed of the waterflow into the trawl opening
The Symmetry function measures the side currents into the opening
The sensor is used to assure optimal towing speed and trawl symmetry to reduce fuel costs and loss of catch

Grid Sensor

Used to fish more efficiently with grid Measures the grid’s angle, indicating the catch volume
Shows if the waterflow through the grid is blocked, resulting in loss of catch
Applicable for bottom and pelagic trawls